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About alphaDIRECT Advisors

Helping Investors Make Intelligent Decisions Through Better Information

alphaDIRECT Advisors was founded by Wall Street veteran Shawn Severson after seeing a fundamental shift in the investment community with the result being a shrinking knowledge base, a lack of awareness and less fundamental research being conducted on small and micro-cap companies. This significant change in the investment community impacts not only the companies themselves but also current shareholders and potential investors. With significantly less active sponsorship by Wall Street, a substantial information gap has developed between companies and various constituents in the financial community. The net result being fewer channels for insight and information to flow between companies and investors.

alphaDIRECT Advisors is here to help investors make intelligent decisions through better information. We accomplish this by leveraging our significant Wall Street experience to help companies and investors identify the key variables and drivers that are impacting their stock and then provide clear and credible channels of information flow, insight and discussion. We use contemporary digital communication channels to ensure a broad and diversified communication strategy that today’s modern investor can access and use. With the old model on Wall Street broken, we are helping investors and companies find a new model in order to rebuild the information exchange on which fundamental investment strategies are based.

Our Profile

  • alphaDIRECT Advisors was founded in 2016 by Wall Street Veteran Shawn Severson.
  • We provide innovative investor focused content and distribution strategies designed to grow awareness and help companies communicate with investors.

The IR Problem

  • Investors need better and more consistent information flow.
  • Less Wall Street sponsorship.
  • Inconsistent and outdated communication strategies and limited content.
  • A growing knowledge gap and a more diverse shareholder base.
  • Limited internal resources and few tools.

How We Solve It

  • High quality, credible and proactive third party investor content.
  • Through our AlphaDirect Advisors network we make our content accessible to all investors and media.
  • A broad portfolio of customized products.

Why alphaDIRECT?

Two Decades of Wall Street Experience

A Credible Voice For What Matters To Investors

Extensive Market and Sector Knowledge

Meet Our Team

Shawn Severson

Founding Partner & CEO

Anna Joelsson

Managing Director

Alison Grose

Director of Corp. Access & Marketing