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GLKIF: Its Corporate Structure and Market Strategy


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NovoCarbon focuses on the rapid battery market evolution and specifically the lithium ion batteries used in EV vehicles by processing natural graphite, allowing elements like lithium, cobalt and vanadium to fire electrolytes and work properly inside the batteries. By targeting the energy storage market within the North American region, NovoCarbon provides endusers focusing on graphites and cobalts for different industries, with an engineered solution that works in their specific technologies. In our view, NovoCarbon differentiates itself from its competitors by being able to size, shape and purify all different powders and materials in a single location. We also believe that they offer a strong engineering solution, including the chemical ability to identify and match materials with different DNA signatures with their specific application/industry.

Shawn Severson:  I’d like to thank you, Paul, for taking the time to speak with us today.  I’d like to cover an overview of the corporate organization and structure alongside a brief review of your market strategy.  Before we dig into the business, could you start by providing us with a brief introduction of yourself?

Paul Gorman:  Absolutely and thank you, Shawn, for taking the time to speak with me today. I started my career as a merchant banker and cut my teeth taking emerging growth companies through the process of going public back in 1993. I’ve worked mostly with resource companies, but also with technology companies during the Internet boom. From that perspective, it has been fascinating to see technology driving the world towards greater use of new metals, minerals and materials. During the time I was CEO of several public gold and base metal companies and raising large amounts of money for them, I started looking at the world of industrial minerals, like graphite and vanadium and some of these rare earth metals and thinking about how they would be required in increasing amounts by a growing number of applications in the modern world.

My background and experience allowed me to quickly grasp what graphite could do for the world and how it was bound to  play in increasingly important role. I started a company called Mega Graphite which was sold in 2013 and then helped turn around a small junior company called Shield Gold, which subsequently became Great Lakes Graphite. The Company operated as Great Lakes Graphite for about four years and is now in the process of rebranding as NovoCarbon Corporation, with a US subsidiary named NovoCarbon, Inc.