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BLDP: The Heavy-Duty Transportation Market


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Ballard has the technology readiness in the hydrogen industry to enable full scale production of commercial hydrogen fuel cells for a range of Heavy Duty Motive applications. The underlying trends that are driving interest in fuel cell technology favor the company’s two major growth platforms: Power Products and Technology Solutions. Given its focus on hydrogen-powered Heavy Duty Motive applications, including buses, trucks, trains and the marine sector, we believe in the commercial viability of fuel cell technology and products. The surge in demand for clean energy propulsion systems across a growing array of Heavy Duty and Medium Duty Motive uses positions Ballard, and its products, in a critical sweet spot.

Shawn Severson: First of all, I’d like to thank you, Rob, for taking the time to speak with us today.  The last time that we spoke with Ballard Power Systems (BLDP) we discussed your catalyst technology. Today our focus will be on the heavy-duty transportation market.  However, before we get started, could you give us a brief introduction of yourself,   your background and what brought you to Ballard?

Rob Campbell: Certainly and thank you, Shawn, for the opportunity to discuss our heavy-duty transportation market. As Chief Commercial Officer at Ballard, I am responsible for global sales and marketing, product line management and aftermarket service.  I am an engineer by training and have been on the business side of technology for most of my career, spending almost two decades in renewables starting with hydrogen in 2001. I was also in the solar industry until I recently joined Ballard in 2017. I decided to rejoin the hydrogen economy and get back into the industry because I believe the time is right to drive the industry forward. I am very excited and honored to be part of the Ballard team.

Shawn Severson: Thank you, Rob. Let’s move on to today’s focus. The growing interest in fuel cells is driving demand for Ballard products – can you describe the different products that Ballard is focused on?

Rob Campbell: Absolutely, Shawn. We have two major business growth platforms, Power Products and Technology Solutions, which can go hand-in-hand depending on our customer needs. Our Power Products are focused on heavy duty fuel cell applications requiring long operating life and rugged durability.  Our Technology Solutions bring expertise to both the passenger car market and the heavy-duty markets and provide solutions that apply our technology and intellectual property to the industry in helping drive commercialization of PEM fuel cells.